Downsizing for Seniors

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Real Estate

The first step to downsizing for retirement is: Defining Your Goals. What is important to you about your move?


Will there be a financial benefit to downsizing?

Are you unlocking equity by selling or lowering mortgage payments in a smaller home or a new location?

For many of us, our house is our largest retirement asset. A home sale can help strengthen our nest egg.


Will downsizing help you meet lifestyle goals?


Would moving to a condo or single store home give you a smaller footprint taking less work and time to maintain?


Are you looking at a move to be closer to friends, family, healthcare and services, better weather, activities, amenities?


For more downsizing tips, please join me at the Monrovia Community Center for Lunch and Learn. RSVP to 626-256-8225 to get your lunch. 11am-1pm on 1/12. I will be covering Downsizing for Retirement on our 3-part panel: “Planting the seeds for today and tomorrow”
Part 1: Creating Guaranteed Lifetime Income – presented by Veronica Vasquez
What is Long-Term Care? – presented by Merridith Gonzalez
Part 2: Downsizing for Retirement – presented by Lisa Kroese
Part 3: Offering Eco-friendly movement End-of-Life Option – presented by Susan Melcher
If you can't make it but would like to talk about real estate, downsizing, or relocation, please book a no-cost no-obligation appointment with me here. You can opt for phone, zoom, or an in-person consultation.